Kate M, Milpitas CA

I went to Dr Lind with a “frozen” shoulder. Dr Lind gently successfully treated my shoulder and it’s about good as new. I like his holistic approach and amazing techniques. Dr Lind is a true “healer”.

Susan E San Jose CA

I have been seeing Dr. Lind for over 12 years. He is always able to zero in on the particular spot(s) that need his special touch. I really like that he spends time with me and doesn’t rush me through a 15 minute adjustment. He is thorough and explains why things are out of place and makes me feel better immediately. He is more than fair in his pricing and availability as I am one of those patients who can only afford to see him on an as needed basis. I wouldn’t go to anyone else.

Silvina B Milpitas CA

I started seeing Dr. Lind several years ago when my neck and back pain was so bad that I couldn’t turn my head. He fixed it right away and since then he helped me achieve a status of well being that I never thought I could gain.  After suffering a life of continuous back pain, thanks to Dr. Lind on-going help I’m now pain-free and enjoying all the sports and activities that I like. Highly recommended.

Adela A, Modesto CA

I have seen Dr. Lind for several years now for menopausal symptoms.  I had a really hard time with hormones and other medications and was getting nowhere until I saw Dr. Lind.  He explained to me what my body and mind were doing and what we needed to do to get me back on track.  I felt amazing and energized right away after my first time seeing him.  I feel really good now.  He treats a lot of different illness’s that I could not even imagine!  I  always say he is an  “Angel”.  Now my husband is his patient as well.  We both thank Dr. Lind for always arranging our appointments on weekends since we drive one and a half hours to his office.  It is well worth it and will not go any where else.  I had postponed my health too long and now I tell family and friends not to postpone theirs.  I definitely and highly recommend Dr. Lind.

David B, San Jose CA

Dr. Lind provides exceptional chiropractic care. My family and I have been going here for more than 5 years, and he has really helped us. He even helped me with my shoulder after a sports injury.
I went to several chiropractors over the last 15 years and Dr. Lind is easily the best.

Susan B, San Jose CA

I have been a patient of Dr. Lind for over two years, being treated for severe scoliosis and degenerative disease of the lumbar spine.
Dr. Lind has a full understanding of my condition. He has the ability and expertise to get right to the problem, relieve muscle stress and tension throughout my body. His advice on exercises to strengthen muscles has been instrumental in keeping me active.
He is a key member of my health care team and I am so glad to have found him.

Marla B. Milpitas CA

Much to my surprise years ago, the chiropractor who had been recommended by my former doctor turned out to be a former schoolmate! [I was so glad to hear that he does not require his patients to disrobe during adjustments – just one of many positives here.]
I looked him up in an old yearbook, and instantly recognized his face. The 20+ years of aging that the rest of us endured amazingly bypassed Greg Lind, attributable mostly to his craft, I guess. Apparently, he is his own best patient!
Since that time, I no longer hobble into his office with severe lower back pain. Although I haven’t yet lost the many, many pounds I need to, to this day Dr. Lind’s adjustments and holistic treatments have kept my lower back virtually pain free. He seems to have a sixth sense that zeroes in on the root cause of any problem, and he then recommends the remedy for your consideration.
Even though still unemployed, I am able to afford his care. Just think of the savings in pain pills and such, and then add in the improved quality of life his skills provide = a great bargain, especially in our current economy.
Whatever your personal and family needs are, Dr. Greg Lind’s Family Chiropractic presents a reliable, affordable, pleasant, and do-able solution. Give him a call today if you want to start feeling better by the weekend!