Adela A, Modesto CA

I have seen Dr. Lind for several years now for menopausal symptoms.  I had a really hard time with hormones and other medications and was getting nowhere until I saw Dr. Lind.  He explained to me what my body and mind were doing and what we needed to do to get me back on track.  I felt amazing and energized right away after my first time seeing him.  I feel really good now.  He treats a lot of different illness’s that I could not even imagine!  I  always say he is an  “Angel”.  Now my husband is his patient as well.  We both thank Dr. Lind for always arranging our appointments on weekends since we drive one and a half hours to his office.  It is well worth it and will not go any where else.  I had postponed my health too long and now I tell family and friends not to postpone theirs.  I definitely and highly recommend Dr. Lind.

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