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Family Chiropractic and Natural Healing Center

Dr. Gregory A. Lind D.C.


Family Chiropractic and Natural Healing Center

Specializing in Family Care, Sports Injury, Auto Accidents and Work Injury.

Dr. Lind specializes in alternative medicine and wellness treatments including chiropractic, diet, homeopathy, massage, nutrition, acupressure reflex work, neuro-emotional techniques, mind-body alignment, light therapy, and energy medicine. Conditions such as poor body performance, chronic pain and fatigue, degenerative disease, allergies, infections, hormonal problems, digestive and respiratory disorders, terrain alterations, toxin accumulation, pH imbalances, and energy blockages are being successfully treated.

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Latest Blog Posts

A Friendly PSA: Remember How To Lif...
31 Aug 2018 10:27 chiropractor milpitas

We despair at the number of spinal injuries which could have been avoided Case-in-point: the simple act of lifting. We all know to lift with our legs and hips rather than our backs, yet so many of us persist, out of sheer laziness or ignorance, in bending over and lifting with our backs. But take it from back pain sufferers: bending forward (flexion) is one of the mo [ ... ]

Runners Suffering With Lower Back P...
30 Aug 2018 07:29 chiropractor milpitas

Running can be detrimental to the spine As good as it is for aerobic fitness, endurance training and overall wellness, you have to know when your running habit (for some, read: addiction) is causing a problem for your spine. Running is a compression-heavy sport: every footfall creates a compression for the joints and discs of your spine. This repetitive compression c [ ... ]

Postpartum Chiropractic: Rehabilita...
26 Aug 2018 13:06 chiropractor milpitas

Postpartum life is a rollercoaster It starts in the first 6-12 hours after delivery, which constitute the acute postpartum phase; the next 2-6 weeks are known as subacute; and the delayed period can last for up to 6 months after that. It is going to be a struggle, and you are going to need allies on your side to help you through. The brutal reality is that over 75% o [ ... ]

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Family Chiropractic and Natural Healing Center

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