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Family Chiropractic and Natural Healing Center

Dr. Gregory A. Lind D.C.


Family Chiropractic and Natural Healing Center

Specializing in Family Care, Sports Injury, Auto Accidents and Work Injury.

Dr. Lind specializes in alternative medicine and wellness treatments including chiropractic, diet, homeopathy, massage, nutrition, acupressure reflex work, neuro-emotional techniques, mind-body alignment, light therapy, and energy medicine. Conditions such as poor body performance, chronic pain and fatigue, degenerative disease, allergies, infections, hormonal problems, digestive and respiratory disorders, terrain alterations, toxin accumulation, pH imbalances, and energy blockages are being successfully treated.

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Nutrition-Forward Thanksgiving Opti...
18 Nov 2020 10:51

Even if you're socially distancing this Thanksgiving weekend, it will be important to carefully consider the foods you provide to those in your bubble, those who will sit at your table. Having some healthy food options this Thanksgiving is a good idea -- we often look to food for celebration, but also during times of stress. It's better to have some healthy things to [ ... ]

Staying Fit in November
10 Nov 2020 16:16

November in our current COVID-19 pandemic might not be the same for any of us as it was in previous years, but it's still very important (perhaps more important than ever) to stay healthy and well -- and a big part of that is having a well-regimented and disciplined exercise plan. First, getting outside might seem daunting, especially since the cold air is by now cre [ ... ]

3 Signs You Need a Chiropractic Adj...
06 Nov 2020 18:19

Many patients in need of a chiropractic adjustment have no idea they have a problem in the first place. Below, Family Chiropractic and Natural Healing Center would like to go over a few tell-tale signs that you could use a chiropractic adjustment, which brings on an entire host of health benefits you have to experience to believe. Your Mind is Cloudy If you hav [ ... ]

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Family Chiropractic and Natural Healing Center

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