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Much to my surprise years ago, the chiropractor who had been recommended by my former doctor turned out to be a former schoolmate! [I was so glad to hear that he does not require his patients to disrobe during adjustments – just one of many positives here.]
I looked him up in an old yearbook, and instantly recognized his face. The 20+ years of aging that the rest of us endured amazingly bypassed Greg Lind, attributable mostly to his craft, I guess. Apparently, he is his own best patient!
Since that time, I no longer hobble into his office with severe lower back pain. Although I haven’t yet lost the many, many pounds I need to, to this day Dr. Lind’s adjustments and holistic treatments have kept my lower back virtually pain free. He seems to have a sixth sense that zeroes in on the root cause of any problem, and he then recommends the remedy for your consideration.
Even though still unemployed, I am able to afford his care. Just think of the savings in pain pills and such, and then add in the improved quality of life his skills provide = a great bargain, especially in our current economy.
Whatever your personal and family needs are, Dr. Greg Lind’s Family Chiropractic presents a reliable, affordable, pleasant, and do-able solution. Give him a call today if you want to start feeling better by the weekend!

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