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Dr. Gregory Lind, DC is a wellness expert with 34 years of experience in the San Francisco Bay Area. He operates Family Chiropractic & Natural Healing Center in Milpitas, California. His philosophy of integrating body, mind, and spirit allows him to achieve optimal performance, well being, and health with his patients. This approach is restorative and utilizes natural methods to revitalize body systems that are run down and in a state of degeneration. Dr. Lind believes there are two important systems that get little attention in a traditional medical model: the nervous system (communication for the body) and the immune system (keeping the body running cleanly with toxic load reduction). When these systems get overloaded, stress can build up in the body leading to a breakdown in health and ultimately poor performance or disease.

Dr. Lind specializes in alternative medicine and wellness treatments including chiropractic, diet, homeopathy, massage, nutrition, acupressure reflex work, neuro-emotional techniques, mind-body alignment, light therapy, and energy medicine. Conditions such as poor body performance, chronic pain and fatigue, degenerative disease, allergies, infections, hormonal problems, digestive and respiratory disorders, terrain alterations, toxin accumulation, pH imbalances, and energy blockages are being successfully treated.

One of Dr. Lind’s areas of expertise is Energetic Medicine. His analysis and treatment methods are based on the principles of energetic medicine outlined by the work of Dr. Fritz A. Popp, PhD, Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, and Dr. Y. Omura, MD.

In Germany during the 1970s, Dr. Popp discovered and studied the light emissions of cells of living organisms. He concluded that healthy cells emit a stream of light around them, the wavelength of which is just under the violet range. This light is coherent and well-organized, similar to laser rays (meaning that all the waves are oriented in the same direction and in phase with one another). When the cells of an organism are not functioning properly, the light emission is absent or chaotic—that is, the waves are disorganized, oriented in all different directions, and not in phase with one another, similar to the white light coming from a light bulb. Our cells use this light to communicate with one another and also to program and organize every cell, organ, and body function. Through a technique taught by Dr. Klinghardt, it is possible to assess the quantity and quality of light emitted by any organ or systemic tissue in the body (such as blood), and thereby determine how healthy our organs are. In 1960, Dr. Omura discovered an interesting phenomenon. When a substance is inside the body and a similar substance is also put outside the body in the same location, the autonomic nervous system is stimulated and the body undergoes a deep state of relaxation, which in turn produces a temporary change in muscle tension. Dr. Omura postulated that the body elicits a “resonance phenomenon.” Based on this discovery, Dr. Omura created a new technique to quickly detect the presence of chemicals, toxins, and pathological tissues in the body. All of these diagnostic techniques give quick feedback to the physician where problems may lie, their causes, and what modalities may be therapeutic for patients.

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