Tips to Ring in the New Year the Healthy Way

New Year’s Eve happens to be a time when many folks take it upon themselves to go out and have a few drinks (in many folks’ cases, more than a few, let’s be honest), stay out late, and wake up the next morning hardly getting their best start to this glorious new year ahead of us. Instead, it’s a great idea to double down on your wellness plan. Go on a nature hike early in the day and plan for a freshly-cooked, healthy meal consisting of clean, whole foods. Later in the day maybe it would be a good idea to do that yoga practice that you’ve been putting on the back burner during the holiday season. Instead of going out and having to navigate the treacherous roads and the unrelenting crowds, stay at home with your loved ones. Maybe play a board game and treat yourself to a nice dessert. End the evening watching a good movie. That’s pretty much the way to practice self-care. However, if you do end up heading out and putting your body through the New Year’s Eve gauntlet, we have your back. Contact Family Chiropractic and Natural Healing Center to learn more about how our treatments help get the best out of you.

Top Health and Wellness New Years Resolutions

If you make a new year’s resolutions list it’s a good idea to include at least one that has to do with your health and wellness. Below, Family Chiropractic and Natural Healing Center goes over a few new year’s resolution ideas that will make you healthier and improve your life on many levels. Taking up a new skill that also qualifies as a fitness activity is a good place to start. Whether you go hardcore and do something like Muay Thai or do something more therapeutic like pick up that local yoga class is up to you. Setting a goal that has to do with a specific achievement, like, say, running a marathon, will inherently force you to get fit and stay healthy. Make sure to also address your diet! Changing what you eat and consuming clean, whole foods will have you feeling better and more energized on a daily basis. Contact Family Chiropractic and Natural Healing Center to learn more about how our treatments can fit into your goals for the new year. We have a long track record of keeping our patients healthy and well!

Merry Christmas from Family Chiropractic and Natural Healing Center

Family Chiropractic and Natural Healing Center would like to wish all of our friends, family, and our valued patients a Merry Christmas. We’re happy to have you all as part of our extended family. We love having the unique opportunity of providing drug-free, all-natural chiropractic treatments in Milpitas, CA. We have over 34 years (that’s 34 Christmases!) of experience helping entire families stay healthy and well. Chiropractic treatments are a fantastic gift idea, not to mention a great way to decompress after a stressful holiday season. After you celebrate with your loved ones, give us a call to schedule your consultation in the new year. We’re excited to serve you!

Best Self-Care Gift Suggestions

Choosing the right gift option might seem like a daunting task, but Family Chiropractic and Natural Healing Center would like to make some suggestions that hit on the realm of health and wellness, which also check the self-care box as well. Firstly, chiropractic treatment is an excellent gift idea, because it helps those who pursue chiropractic treatment by providing drug-free pain relief. Chiropractic treatment also boosts your range of motion and flexibility, not to mention helps promote a better, more restful night of sleep. Other top gift options health and wellness-related include gym membership, exercise equipment (such as kettlebells), not to mention running or hiking gear. Choose gift options that might incite new interests and pursuits in those who receive gifts from you. If you’d like to learn more about how chiropractic treatment makes an excellent holiday gift, contact Family Chiropractic and Natural Healing Center today. And Happy Holidays from us to you!

Chiropractic for Winter Aches and Pains

For some of us, it’s true that our bodies respond to shifts in the weather. As we grow older, we might feel the aches and pains of previous injuries a little more pronounced during the colder months of the winter as opposed to the spring and summertime, for instance.

Chiropractic treatment is a great all-natural treatment option that provides drug-free pain relief for your back, neck, joints, your legs, hands, and more. 

A chiropractic adjustment can improve your mobility and range of motion, not to mention give you a cognitive boost that has been shown to improve coordination.

Chiropractic treatments also improve gastrointestinal function, not to mention provide an immune system boost.

Contact Family Chiropractic and Natural Healing Center today to schedule your consultation during December, which is the last month you can cash in on any insurance benefits left over for the year. We look forward to assisting you!

How to Have a Stress-Free December

Did you know that many health conditions and more than a few injuries can come as the result of prolonged stress and anxiety?

The way we respond to stress might vary, but the health conditions that come as a result of not handling our stress and anxiety properly are the same. Stress can increase your chances of falling victim to one of the following conditions:

  • Headaches
  • Insomnia
  • Depression
  • GI Problems
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Obesity
  • Diabetes

Even back and neck pain can result from stress. So, how do you properly handle stress during the holidays?

First, try not to overwork yourself in preparation for the holidays. You don’t have to bend over backward to afford expensive gifts. Try to go for something more thoughtful that takes more effort and maybe less coin. 

Make sure you take care of your body by stretching, exercising, and maybe even taking that yoga class you’ve been meaning to take.

Practice mindfulness and make sure you have an avenue to unplug, when necessary.

Chiropractic care is also a great way to offset any holiday stress you’ve been experiencing and can help reduce your chances of suffering from the health problems mentioned above. Contact Family Chiropractic and Natural Healing Center today to schedule your consultation.

3 Reasons to See the Chiropractor in December

 Seeing your local chiropractor in Milpitas, CA is a great idea toward the end of the year, especially in December.

Below, Family Chiropractic and Natural Healing Center goes over a few reasons why it’s a good idea to schedule a chiropractic check-up with us this month.

1.) It’s Stressful Times

The holiday seasons puts a lot of stress on us — some of us have family coming into town, some of us work extra hours to make the holidays special, and some of us overlook taking care of ourselves in the process. Visiting the chiropractor will help ensure you practice the self-care you need this month.

2.) Take Advantage of Insurance Benefits

Chiropractic treatments are often covered by insurance plans, so make sure to get your check-up in before your benefits and deductibles roll over in January.

3.) Finish the Year Strong

At the beginning of the year, you likely made some wellness goals, and chiropractic treatment will help you recalibrate your brain and your body for the last month of the year, so you finish like a champion!

Contact Family Chiropractic and Natural Healing Center today to schedule your chiropractic consultation this month. You’ll be glad you did.