The Connection Between Glutes and Back Pain Explained

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Why training the glutes can help you beat back pain

The network of muscles that support your lower back can also contribute to back pain if they are mismanaged. The greatest problem we face is insufficient strength: unless we regularly condition the muscles involved in core stability, they are going to weaken in relation to your body weight. That increases the burden on the actual vertebrae and, in particular, the intervertebral discs. But even people who take core stability seriously forget that this network extends to the glutes; indeed, the gluteus maximus is considered a minor, or auxiliary, core muscle.

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Ignoring Back Pain is a Bad Habit

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Your back pain is not something to be ignored

Pain is a signal, and it is always worth investigating. The standard prescription for back pain in America is to just ignore it- it will go away eventually. There are even blogs and news articles advocating this very technique. Unfortunately, the logic is flawed; it relies on the idea that most mechanical back pain heals itself. And this is true- to a certain extent. Back pain will usually go away, but that does not mean the underlying cause has been solved. If you don’t take steps to maintain a healthy lifestyle, this back pain is likely to compound and recur with a vengeance. Part of maintaining that healthy lifestyle is listening to your back pain, and learning more about it so that you can prevent it from compounding down the line. 

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Don’t Remember Your Pregnancy for its Back Pain

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The last thing you need when pregnant is crippling back pain

Back pain during pregnancy adds another layer to an already burdensome set of stress-causing circumstances. And yet, a majority of women decide to suffer through the pain, accepting it as integral to pregnancy. We’re here to tell you that this shouldn’t be the case! Pain is one thing, but allowing spinal misalignment, and in particular pelvic misalignment, can actually complicate and lengthen your labor and delivery. Here is how chiropractic and a healthy lifestyle can make for a shorter, less-complicated birthing process.

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Choosing Low-Impact Exercise

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When it comes to spinal health, not all exercise is created equal

And while we would never discourage anyone from pursuing an activity that improves their health, we always want to ask: at what price? The fact is, certain activities are excellent for cardiovascular health or improving strength but they come with a toll on the body’s joints. Running, for example, is considered an excellent exercise from many perspectives. Even from a chiropractic perspective, running is excellent because its weight-bearing nature helps to build stronger bones, strengthens muscles and helps you maintain a healthy weight. But it does cause repetitive trauma, particularly to joints in the knees and lower back. 

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Musculoskeletal Well-Being in 2018

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Musculoskeletal disorders are on the rise in the USA 

Disease and disorders related to joints, bones and muscles are reaching comparable levels with heart and lung conditions in the United States. Arthritis is already a significant cause of disability in our country, and with an aging population, and a working demographic shifting into more sedentary settings, the prevalence of musculoskeletal disorders is slated to rise further. Whether you are a dedicated couch potato or a fitness fanatic, 2018 is the year that we should pay more attention to our musculoskeletal health.

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