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Ignoring Back Pain is a Bad Habit

Your back pain is not something to be ignored

Pain is a signal, and it is always worth investigating. The standard prescription for back pain in America is to just ignore it- it will go away eventually. There are even blogs and news articles advocating this very technique. Unfortunately, the logic is flawed; it relies on the idea that most mechanical back pain heals itself. And this is true- to a certain extent. Back pain will usually go away, but that does not mean the underlying cause has been solved. If you don’t take steps to maintain a healthy lifestyle, this back pain is likely to compound and recur with a vengeance. Part of maintaining that healthy lifestyle is listening to your back pain, and learning more about it so that you can prevent it from compounding down the line. 

Common sense steps for avoiding back pain

  • Find your target weight and make it a priority to stick to it: every pound counts. Your spine is the support column for your upper body weight- every pound over your target adds an unquantifiable burden to the vertebrae.
  • Avoid stagnation like the plague: your spine, much like your body, is meant for movement. Movement begets range of motion.
  • Warm up and cool down before and after exercise: to ensure you don’t shock your muscles into movement, straining them in the process; and then to transition them out of intense activity back to more normal movement.
  • Choose your shoes: the majority of shock starts in the feet, which means a properly fitted, supportive pair of shoes makes a big difference. 

In support of good spinal health

At Family Chiropractic & Natural Healing Center, we believe in listening and learning from pain. Spinal degeneration and dysfunction has the potential to be a part of everyone’s life. Our lifestyles certainly allow it to bide its time until it becomes a life-defining problem. This new year, let’s take the fight to back pain and prevent it from having even a minor role in our wellness. Give our office a call to start changing your relationship with back pain for the better today. 

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