Recognizing the Signs of Stress

stress cycle

Stress is inevitable; let’s talk about limiting it’s presence

Stress isn’t all bad; in fact some studies suggest that there is a perfect amount of stress to compliment your well-being. While stress is a source of motivation and problem solving, it can also take more than it gives. But how do you determine your line of “too much stress;” and how do you keep yourself from reaching it too frequently?

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Chiropractic Helps you Understand your Body’s Signals

Listen to your body

You know when it’s right to push hard or 

The saying “Go big (or hard) or go home,” is actually quite a damaging mantra. While the spirit and attitude embodied by that statement is nice, encouraging us to give it our all, it often leads athletes to push past a point of no return where their bodies are concerned. At Family Chiropractic & Natural Healing Center, we subscribe to a more reasonable attitude when it comes to physical exertion: “listen to your body.” 

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Help! My Neck is Stuck Sideways!

neck pain in milpitas

A neck that is twisted or locked is known as acute torticollis

The first thing you need to do is relax. This is a common problem and stressing out mentally is only going to make the pain worse. It often occurs when people wake up, potentially due to sleeping for a prolonged period in an awkward position.  Other causes include: 

  • Working at a computer for an excessive amount of time with very little movement of the neck 
  • Sitting with poor posture. 
  • Mental anxiety can contribute to tightness of the muscles in the neck

Realize that the pain will likely subside by itself given time and care. If it lasts longer than 48 hours it may be worth checking with a doctor.  

Managing a stiff and sore neck from home

  • Mobility is important: little by little, try to move your neck and return to normal range of motion. 
  • Utilize ice and heat intermittently
  • Sleep with a properly adjusted, firm pillow that avoids putting your neck at an aggressive angle. 
  • Once range of motion gradually returns, utilize neck exercises to restore pliability to the soft tissues in the neck. 

What we can do for people with stiff and sore necks in Milpitas 

Many people who suffer an episode of acute torticollis will readily admit that their neck is generally in and out of stiffness and soreness; it is a byproduct of their lifestyle. But it doesn’t have to be this way! At our office in Milpitas, we help people come to terms with the behavior that is causing a stiff neck and how their daily actions decide how their neck feels. We can provide chiropractic adjustment and other hands-on modalities to improve nerve function and range of motion and show you stretches that can be done from literally anywhere that will protect the mobility of your neck and prevent pain. 

Poor Circulation in your Legs Getting you Down?

circulation to legs

Poor circulation in the legs can be painful

While it is caused by multiple conditions, poor circulation to the legs often has a predictable outcome: pain, as well as feelings of numbness and weakness. Other symptoms include swelling or pain during physical exertion and feelings of discomfort in the lower extremities while resting. So what can we do to get the circulation flowing to those legs?

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Getting the Most out of Each Breath with Chiropractic

chiropractic for breathing

Why do we need the oxygen to flow?

When you take a breath, what does your body do with all that, “air.” Because most cells in the human body are only able to perform aerobic respiration, they need a constant supply of refreshing oxygen to create energy out of glucose; this is the energy needed to maintain and improve health.  

Blood circulation is important because it cycles oxygen to cells throughout the body that provide for the functioning of all our organs and essential systems. So we know oxygen is important, but how do we ensure it is getting where it needs to go? 

Chiropractic ensures your muscles are getting the oxygen they need

Fortunately, chiropractic care can make breathing easier so that you can get more oxygen into your bloodstream; chiropractic then helps you to circulate the blood more effectively. Targeted adjustment to the cervical vertebrae can help improve function in the diaphragm, helping you draw breath more effectively.

Through chiropractic adjustment, mobilization and decompression, as well as massage modalities including active release, myofascial release and trigger point therapy, we increase blood flow to muscles that are in need of repair. This brings them the essential oxygen and nutrients they need to perform the rehabilitation. 

Chiropractic helps you make the most of each breath

Because oxygen is a cornerstone of our life, we want to help you get the most out of every breath you draw. If you are interested in optimizing your body for breathing, as well as learning how to breathe more effectively, give our office in Milpitas a call to schedule an appointment today. 

Nutrients that Matter for Keeping Muscle Tension at Bay

nutrition for muscle tension in Milpitas

Nutrition absolutely plays a role in tense muscles

Here’s a simple fact: your muscles need the right nutrients in the correct amounts to keep them in a state of health, to keep them repairing and rebuilding. You also need optimally functioning blood vessels to facilitate blood flow to the muscles, bringing them the oxygen and nutrients they need to perform all their essential functions. Diet plays a role in all of the above, so let’s start harnessing the power of nutrition to make a difference in our muscle tension. 

Let’s put the spotlight on nutrients that affect muscle tension

We begin with foods that benefit the circulatory system, that keep the channels clear and the blood flowing. Healthy fats, most coming from plants, are important for this as well as soluble fiber. Other ingredients at the top of our list include:

  1. Calcium: ever had a muscle cramp? Calcium deficiency is a common contributor to the occurrence of muscles seizing in a contracted position and causing a sharp, stabbing pain. 
  2. Magnesium: a complimentary mineral to calcium, magnesium helps stimulate many processes in the human body, including nerve transmission, blood circulation and muscle contraction. 
  3. Too much caffeine: creates mental stress and erratic nerve activity, in which the nerves which control your muscles are overactive, causing the muscles to contract and stay that way. The diuretic effect of caffeine also causes your body to lower its levels of calcium and magnesium. 

How we help resolve muscle tension in Milpitas

We treat many people suffering from chronically tight muscles. We utilize chiropractic adjustment to relieve nerve compression and stimulate the body’s circulation. When blood moves to the muscles, the extra oxygen allows them to facilitate the release of lactic acid which is a signal contributor to knots of muscle tension. We use trigger point therapy to release these knots and instrument-adjusted myofascial release to treat muscle pain throughout the body. If you are interested in turning your back on chronic muscle tension, give our office in Milpitas a call to schedule an appointment today.