Listen to your body

Chiropractic Helps you Understand your Body’s Signals

You know when it’s right to push hard or 

The saying “Go big (or hard) or go home,” is actually quite a damaging mantra. While the spirit and attitude embodied by that statement is nice, encouraging us to give it our all, it often leads athletes to push past a point of no return where their bodies are concerned. At Family Chiropractic & Natural Healing Center, we subscribe to a more reasonable attitude when it comes to physical exertion: “listen to your body.” 

Listening to your body helps you stay healthy

The first way this rule applies is by observing a healthy period of rest after each bout of physical exertion. In fact, the rest is just as important as the exercise, allowing your body to repair and rebuild. For example, muscles need time to repair micro-tears incurred during strength training. If you observe a proper period of rest and nutrition, they will have the time to repair and grow back stronger as was your original goal. However resuming exercise too soon can cause more damage than the body can reasonably repair, leaving you at a disadvantage. 

Number two is taking days off from intense exercise. Some days your body doesn’t need to be put through the wringer- choosing easier exercise such as walking or biking helps maintain circulation that will help muscles recover. When it comes to exercise, “gentle” should never have a negative connotation. 

We help you get tuned in to your body’s internal messaging service

Whether it be by correcting subluxation and regulating the nervous system, or improving circulation to help you recover quicker, chiropractic is an indelible aid to that athlete. We can help you determine what your body is trying to tell you when it is sore, tight or in pain. Give us a call to schedule an appointment today. 

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