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Poor Circulation in your Legs Getting you Down?

Poor circulation in the legs can be painful

While it is caused by multiple conditions, poor circulation to the legs often has a predictable outcome: pain, as well as feelings of numbness and weakness. Other symptoms include swelling or pain during physical exertion and feelings of discomfort in the lower extremities while resting. So what can we do to get the circulation flowing to those legs?

Modalities for improving circulation to the legs 

  • Massage therapy: targeted massage therapy increases blood flow, bringing oxygen and carrying away waste products. By stimulating nerve receptors, massage encourages blood vessel dilation. Furthermore, massage increases the oxygen content of the blood. 
  • Myofascial release influences relaxation of the muscles and simultaneously improves blood and lymphatic circulation. 
  • Exercise: the most effective way to get the blood flowing, especially when you engage in aerobic activities. 

How does chiropractic adjustment help improve circulation?

Chiropractic helps improve circulation by freeing up nerves from compression related to subluxation. We then follow this up with massage therapy, heat and ice techniques and ultrasound to truly get the blood flowing to your lower body. If you are suffering from poor circulation in the legs, give our office in Milpitas a call today to find out how we can treat it naturally and efficiently. 

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