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Taking Back Control of Your Spinal Health Habits

It’s time to stop being lazy…

…about your spinal health; it is something we are good at putting to the back of the priorities queue. We always say: in the end, our health and well-being is all that matters. While we invest lots of time and effort into managing stress and lowering anxiety, our spines are often not treated in an equal light. We go to work each day feeling the stiffness and soreness growing in our spines, but we ignore the pain, telling ourselves that we will deal with it later. But when “later,” comes, it could be crippling. It’s time to stop indulging your bad spinal health habits and replacing them with healthy ones today. 

A list of bad spinal health habits- how many do you perform on a daily basis

  • Using technology excessively: the average American is texting, e-mailing and social media-ing for up to 23 hours a week. 
  • Refusing to take breaks when working in front of a computer
  • Overburdening yourself- either physically with the bag you carry, or mentally with the stress you carry
  • Avoiding exercise out of laziness or exercising incorrectly
  • Ignoring good posture
  • Indulging poor eating habits.

There are many more and we are sure that you can add your own bad habit into this list. Things like posture feel small but they all add up. You know you should sit up straight but before long you slip back into a slump or a slouch. This behavior sets the tone for all of your spinal health habits. 

Let’s start breaking these bad habits

Breaking out of a cycle of bad habits is not easy- it takes time and persistence. That’s why we are here. Making positive life changes is so much easier; and making positive spinal health changes is easier with a spinal health expert on your side, encouraging and helping you along the way. If you are interested in finding out more about our techniques for helping you be proactive about managing spinal health, give our office in Milpitas a call to schedule an appointment today. 

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