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Soft Tissue Therapy is Effective Pain Relief

Soft tissue therapy: not just a fancy name for massage

Massage is such a versatile tool. It starts with the touch of another human’s hand: at it’s most basic form, massage is just soothing. It makes us feel comfortable to be touched in a purposeful, relaxing manner. Professional massage ratchets up this relaxation by targeting specific regions that are designed to relax muscles and calm the mind. On the far end of this scale lies soft tissue therapy, whose main goal goes beyond all of this and seeks to rehabilitate. Soft tissue therapy is particularly prevalent in sports- athletes use it to manage and prevent injuries, and increase the effectiveness of recovery between exercise. 

Using manual manipulation, soft tissue therapy helps your muscles, tendons and ligaments recover quicker. 

Many people are curious, if not skeptical, about how massage could be such an effective tool in pain relief and management. It works because it:

  • Increases circulation and stimulates lymph flow
  • Manipulates muscle length and tone
  • Helps remove metabolic waste
  • Breaks up scar tissue 
  • Balances the body 
  • Decreases tension in the musculature

Tight muscles create a pull on the body that interferes with spinal alignment and can contribute to nerve impingement. By resolving this tension, we go along way toward establishing balance in the body that translates to balance in the mind. 

Integrated pain management in Milpitas

At our office in Milpitas, we combine soft tissue therapy with traditional chiropractic modalities to give you the best chance of overcoming pain and dysfunction. If you are interested in finding out more, give our office a call to schedule an appointment today. 

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