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Our Problem with Poor Posture

Posture is the first safeguard against pain

But it is a double-edged sword; because it is also one of the main causative factors in spinal pain. The fact is poor posture translates immediately to poor mobility. Once mobility in the spinal joints is reduced, we move less effectively, and leave ourselves open to spinal degeneration and the resulting pain and dysfunction. That is why posture forms a key part of our wellness management here at Family Chiropractic & Natural Healing Center. We know that posture is the frontline for spinal healthcare. So how can we help?

Our posture action plan

Step 1 is to make you aware. Too many of us let ourselves get away with slouching, slumping and slacking when we know better. These poor postural habits are creating a drain on our health that will eventually catch up with us. It is our job to prevent this. Poor posture can also:

  • Restrict lung capacity
  • Decrease brain function
  • Impair organ functioning
  • Cause misalignment in the spine
  • Create muscular imbalances

As practitioners of chiropractic, we focus on the last two factors. So step 2 in our action plan is to resolve spinal misalignment and musculoskeletal imbalances that have resulted from years of poor posture. Using targeted spinal adjustments, soft-tissue therapy and advice on lifestyle, diet and exercise, we can go a long way toward resetting the damage that has already been done. Step 3 is replacing poor posture habits with good ones! This is not an impossible feat, but it does start with you picking up the phone and giving our office in Milpitas a call to schedule an appointment and start the conversation today! 

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