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Portable Health: Using Snacks to Stay Stable

Blood sugar is a balancing act

Your cells need glucose to function- this is an indisputable fact, and the most direct way to get your body glucose is through carbohydrates. If we don’t have enough, we feel low, light-headed and dizzy which makes us unproductive and irritable- veritably “hangry.” When we have too much, the body goes into insulin-producing overdrive causing the body to uptake and exhaust glucose supplies quickly, leaving us exhausted- the veritable “sugar crash.” As with everything in life, we need balance! A great way to do this is with a snack. 

Snacking is important for the busy individual 

Make no mistake: meals are more important. Eating three balanced meals a day is the best way to regulate blood sugar levels and perform your best at all times. However, snacks have a place too: in between meals. They are useful because they help regulate blood sugar, keep hunger at bay and prevent the release of stress chemicals in the brain.  The key here: as long as you snack properly. 

But snacking is an art, and it takes a refined touch

Let’s put together a toolkit for the perfect snack: 

  • Avoid refined sugar and saturated fat
  • Remain within 150-200 calories 
  • Healthy mix of carb, protein and fat: carb for energy, protein and fat also for energy but also to sustain and prevent a spike. 
  • Nutrient density

Snacking should be tasty. Here are some of our favorites

  • Trail mix
  • Hard-boiled egg with hummus
  • Apple and peanut butter 
  • Turkey and low-fat cheese 

Have fun with it and remember, the point is to prosper throughout the day! Listen to your body and if you are on the verge of feeling low, get yourself a healthy snack!

Dr. Gregory Lind, D.C. 

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