Make Friends with Fiber

For something you can’t even digest, fiber is critically important

Most of us don’t even know the recommended daily amount for fiber, let alone what it does for our body. The plain fact is: we need fiber; it is a nutrient that regulates the digestive process, helps keep us energized and boosts health across the board. How much you need depends on your diet, but the general guideline is between 20-25 grams per day depending on calorie consumption.  

Benefits of fiber

High fiber foods are being shown to have great value in fighting cancer, heart disease, obesity and diabetes. These properties aside, let’s focus on how fiber affects you on a daily basis:

  • Fiber is another key to regulating blood sugar: when combined with carbohydrates, fiber slows the absorption of sugar, preventing the body’s insulin response from shooting up and then dropping off. Fiber is an essential component of defeating the dreaded sugar crash. 
  • Fiber makes you feel full for longer, helping to ward off hunger throughout the day and preventing you from over-eating; in this way, it is immensely helpful with diet control and weight management. 
  • Fiber is important in keeping cholesterol levels down 
  • Finally, fiber helps promote smooth bowl movements and prevent constipation. 

Fast and full-flavored

No surprise here: most fiber is derived from unprocessed foods. Grains, nuts, seeds, beans, fresh fruit and vegetables are your greatest sources of fiber so it is important to seek out foods that please you but still contain fiber. Here are some sneaky and some not-so-sneaky ways to add in fiber: 

  • Certain cereal brands, whether the whole grain variety or a brand that is fiber-enriched. 
  • Substitute whole grain bread for white.
  • Add chopped nuts and seeds to salad
  • Consume whole fruits such as pears and apples 

Fiber awareness starts now. Give our office in Milpitas a call to schedule an appointment and start feeling better today!

Dr. Gregory Lind, D.C. 

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