How To Keep Tech Pain Out of Your Life

Tech pain is on the rise

Are you one of the millions of people buying new tech gadgets this holiday? Gamer’s thumbs, text necks, carpal tunnels and tennis elbows; these once fairly unheard-of injuries are becoming ubiquitous in American society. And as our dependence on technology grows, we can only see tech pain playing a greater role in our lives. We spend enough time worried about the toll technology takes mentally- the incessant checking of the phones, the anxiety- but less time worried about the toll it is taking on our spines. Rest assured, that encroaching stiffness you’ve been feeling is only made worse by the 23 hours-per-week-average of time spent texting, e-mailing and checking social media. 

Keeping tech pain at bay is about awareness

Admitting you have a problem- it’s not easy. But if you are a part of that 23 hour/week average, it may behoove you to take steps to mitigate the pain that comes with it. That means being aware of how your interaction with technology hurts your spine. For example, poorly-adjusted ergonomics often lead us to spend our whole day on the computer in an unfavorable position for the spine; craning your neck down to look at your phone at hip level is going to cause discomfort and dysfunction in the spinal joints of the neck. 

How do we help you fight back against tech pain?

Awareness is step one. Adjustment is step two: both spinal adjustments to restore spinal alignment and lifestyle adjustments to help prevent the pain from becoming a permanent fixture in your life. If you are interested in finding out about our spinal healthcare approach to dealing with technology, give our office a call to schedule an appointment today. 

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