How Much Impact Are You Taking During Exercise?

As we get older, no matter if we’re in our 30s, 40s, or 50s, our bodies start to respond differently to everyday wear and tear, especially the more demand we put on ourselves. Runners, basketball players, martial artists, and other high impact activity enthusiasts take a tremendous amount of wear and tear during exercise, practice, and competition.

That’s why it’s important to have an antidote to the impact you’re taking on during exercise and physical activity. One way to give your body some TLC is to build your yoga practice. Either take a class with a friend or watch instructional videos on the internet — there is a plethora of helpful information at your fingertips and yoga can be an inexpensive way to take care of your body that will pay off in dividends.

Trying lower impact exercises like swimming, rowing, rock climbing, paddle boarding, and other activities that don’t put so much stress on your body will also help.

Another great idea to deal with the impact your body absorbs during workouts is to pursue chiropractic treatment. That’s right, chiropractic adjustments aren’t just for injured people or people more advanced in age. Many professional athletes have close relationships with their chiropractors. Contact Family Chiropractic and Natural Healing Center today to learn more about how our treatments can help optimize your training and your body.

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