Foods and Beverages to Cut from Your Diet Immediately

The stuff we eat has a great impact on our wellness, this is true for health foods, but it’s also true for junk foods and unhealthy beverages that are more engineered for taste and creating lifelong loyalty than providing any sort of nutritional value.

Below, Family Chiropractic and Natural Healing Center goes over a few foods and beverages that you should cut from your diet immediately.

1.) Sweets

Try to limit your sweets. If you can cut them out of your diet altogether, even better! Processed sugars are horrible for your oral health and your overall health, causing inflammation, leading to diabetes and heart trouble. Try to use dark chocolate or fresh berries and honey as a substitute.

2.) Alcohol

Alcohol has zero nutritional value, causes hangovers, and is riddled with sugars. Many adult beverages are heavy in carbs and some are mixed with sugary beverages — all equal bad things for your health.

3.) Bagels

Bagels supply little nutritional value on their own. Sure, you can put healthy stuff on a bagel, but the bagel in itself is loaded with carbohydrates. Try to go with a low-carb option with lots of seeds.

4.) Pizza

This one might be the toughest, but pizza is also loaded with carbohydrates and is high in grease and the bad sort of fats. Try to limit your pizza intake, try to go with veggie-heavy options, and opt for the thinnest crust possible. Almond flour crusts are a great alternative.

5.) Sodas

Sodas are loaded in sugar and have been shown to increase your chances of becoming diabetic.

If you have any questions about how to optimize your diet or if you’re wondering how chiropractic care can play into your overall wellness routine, contact Family Chiropractic and Natural Healing Center today to schedule your consultation.

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