3 Tips to Achieve Better Sleep

Sleep is an important part of wellness, an opportunity for your body to rest, recharge and cleanse itself from the toxins of daily life. When we don’t get enough sleep we can reduce our overall effectiveness. Lack of sleep can affect your jobs, our ability to drive, not to mention reduce our quality of life in all aspects.

Below are a few ways to get better sleep every day.

1.) Stay Active

Try to do something active every day and make sure you exercise 3-5 per week. Even on your off days, try to engage in active recovery. We come from hunter/gatherer tribes, which means that our ancestors were used to getting something like 15,000 steps per day. If we’re not getting the right amount of activity, this can lead to anxiety and lack of quality sleep.

2.) Eat Well

Eating well and staying away from too much caffeine and sugary foods will ensure that you get better sleep and your body will run at a more optimum capacity.

3.) Meditate

We use the term “meditation” loosely. You might consider playing the guitar a meditation of sorts, even working on your car. Or, you might engage in more Buddhist-like meditation. Whatever you do to clear your mind and let your thoughts settle, you should try to do it for at least 10 minutes daily for better sleep and reduced anxiety.

Chiropractic care is also a great avenue to ensure your body and mind are working in harmony. Some patients even experience improved sleep, reduced anxiety, and reduced insomnia. Contact Family Chiropractic and Natural Healing Center if you think chiropractic care might be for you.

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