The Importance of Cervical Range of Motion

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Take a moment to appreciate your neck and how it moves

Moving your neck from side to side, forward and back is a range of motion that many of us take for granted until unrestricted motion is gone. For athletes, the cervical region’s health should be a priority; after all, how can you perform with a stiff neck? 

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Increasing Immunity to Ward Off Sinus and Chest Infections


The season of sinus infections is upon us

Sinuses are air filled cavities located in the forehead, cheeks and nose. They allow air to circulate through the nose which helps to drain mucus from the nasal passageways. If they are working properly, you probably don’t notice; it’s when they become blocked that trouble begins. When the sinuses become backed up with mucus, less air can flow through, creating a breeding ground for bacteria that leads to sinus infection: this is what we call sinusitis, as the infection creates swelling and inflammation. 

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A Better Back Starts with a Better Diet

Why do we make diet so complicated?

There should be no back and forth- the western diet of meats-and-sweets is a broken lie that was peddled by a commodity-crazed food industry and its time is coming to an end. It’s time we demand that our food and health industries place importance on real, nutritious foods rather than processed, imitation flavors that are devoid of nutrients. 

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