Increasing Immunity to Ward Off Sinus and Chest Infections

The season of sinus infections is upon us

Sinuses are air filled cavities located in the forehead, cheeks and nose. They allow air to circulate through the nose which helps to drain mucus from the nasal passageways. If they are working properly, you probably don’t notice; it’s when they become blocked that trouble begins. When the sinuses become backed up with mucus, less air can flow through, creating a breeding ground for bacteria that leads to sinus infection: this is what we call sinusitis, as the infection creates swelling and inflammation. 

How to tell if you have sinusitis

Symptoms of sinusitis: 

  • Dull, throbbing headaches
  • Stuffiness in the nose and ears
  • Pressure in the cheeks and forhead
  • Achy feeling in the jaw 

How can chiropractic address chronic sinus infections?

After a night sleeping horizontally, with even less chance of drainage than normal, many people find that their sinusitis is worst in the morning. No one should start a day off with a sinus headache. At Family Chiropractic & Natural Healing Center, we help you ensure that a structural deficiency is not the cause of your sinus blockage: subluxation, particularly those in the cervical region, can create an interference with nerves that supply the sinuses. We correct subluxation to ensure that they are not contributing to your sinus problems. 

Continuing care to alleviate sinus problems

Going beyond chiropractic, there are other things we can do to effect improvement from your sinus suffering: tapping around the sinuses encourages them to drain. While sinuses are good at making you feel groggy, fighting the urge to stay down can also help: vigorous movement helps air circulate more freely, improving respiratory function and improving blood circulation. Staying properly hydrated and consuming ingredients that have anti-inflammatory properties can also help improve your symptoms. If you have found no relief from traditional medicine, it may be time to search for an alternative cause to your sinus problems. 

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