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Why You Should Make Shoulder Mobility a Priority

The importance of shoulder mobility

Shoulders are indispensable; we use them for all tasks great and small, before we even reach the gym. This article will highlight the importance of maintaining both shoulder stability and mobility: the stronger your shoulders are, the more you can do; the more mobile your shoulders are, the more you can do without incurring injury. We make shoulder mobility a priority for everyone we treat, because it makes life so much easier and more comfortable. 

Mobile shoulders make your mobile lifestyle easier!

At our office in Milpitas, we perform an active vs. passive range of motion test. The results are telling: if you are able to get your arms over while lying down but not while standing, we need to work on shoulder stability. If you are unable to get your arms all the way over your head while standing, we need to work on strengthening. 

How we help with shoulder mobility in Milpitas

We begin by accurately determining what is causing your pain and limited range of motion. From here, we can work on strengthening and stretching to keep your shoulders mobile and strong. Dedicating just 15 minutes a day to shoulder mobility can make noticeable improvements in your experience with pain and function, but the correct exercises should be observed, and this depends on your diagnosis. If you are interested in leaving shoulder pain behind, give our office in Milpitas a call to schedule an appointment today.

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