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Getting the Exercise You Need Despite Your Hectic Lifestyle

2.5 hours of exercise a week?! Where can you find that kind of time?

In the back of your head you know you need to be getting at least 2.5 hours of exercise a week. Let’s break it down: 2.5 hours becomes 150 minutes; you begin to realize that you can hit this goal 2 minutes at a time, in 10 minute increments, in 30 minute bursts or an hour at a time. 150 minutes is yours to customize as you like- get creative. And if you need help getting creative, then come to the experts! We are well-versed in the art of micro-exercise. Sneaking in small doses of fitness in the windows of time between your busy schedule. 

Overcoming a busy schedule

With no plan, there is every likelihood that you won’t exercise- the brain craves routine, so we need to find a way to add workout into our daily schedule. How can we do this?

  • By making exercise a priority: on a piece of paper, write down a schedule that includes workout in some form and see if you can discipline yourself to stick with it.
  • Exercise at your desk: be sneaky about your exercise- many body-weight exercises and stretches can be performed within your desk space. 
  • Exercise efficiently: during commercial breaks on television or waiting at the bus stop. Realize that small chunks of minutes slip by all the time, presenting you with the opportunity to remain inactive or do a little bit for your body at a time. 
  • Choose activities you like: do you secretly like swimming?; do you thrive in a competitive sport environment? Because your brain likes the activity, you become invested in improvement and thus stick with it. 
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