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The stiff neck club can be quite a bleak group to be a part of, but if certain statistics are to be believed, up to 45% of the American working public are affected by pain-in-the-neck syndrome. While indiscriminate back pain is probably more widespread, neck pain is, by it’s nature, quite serious and something that should be managed closely and properly. 

The plain fact is, being a human would be amazingly difficult if you could not move your neck. Every time you needed to look at something, you would have to turn your entire body. And while this is an exercise in hyperbole, humans continue to pursue activities which contribute to stiff, sore necks and neglect activities that preserve flexibility and range of motion. There are many virulent factors that can contribute to a sore neck, including: posture, level of activity, proclivity for stretching, pillow quality, the adhesion of scar tissue or something more obscure such as stress. Some of the ways we help include:

  • Treating muscle strain: the levator scapula is a muscle that connects the shoulder to the cervical spine and is controlled by nerves exiting between C3 and C4; the sedentary nature of the office encourages this muscle to tighten and if it becomes strained, it can cause pain. We treat strained muscles with trigger point therapy and massage to release the tension. 
  • Treating pinched nerves: we use gentle adjustments to correct any nerve impingement that may be occurring in the cervical region, restoring nerve function and improving range of motion in the process.
  • Treating Facet Joint Syndrome: when the small facet joints of the vertebra become pressurized, headache, muscle spasm and neck or back pain can follow. 

It’s time we wake up and begin to take posture and the health of our necks seriously to prevent an old age of pain and dysfunction. At Family Chiropractic & Natural Healing Center, we have the tools to help you succeed and we would love to share them with you so call our office in Milpitas to schedule an appointment today! 

Dr. Gregory Lind, D.C. 

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