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The Role of Hydration in Spinal Health

What will it take to get you drinking the appropriate amount of water? 

Every cell in your body contains water, and relies on water to perform basic cellular functions that keep you functioning. But why stop at functioning? Why not strive to thrive? Hydration is one of the fastest ways you can improve overall health and, as we will find below, it has extremely important applications in spinal health. And all you have to do is pick up a glass (or preferably a reusable water bottle) and drink! 

The role of hydration in spinal health 

Your intevertebral discs provide for shock-absorption and healthy articulation between the vertebral bones that make up the spine. Normal daily movement compresses these discs, and their resistance to giving into such compression is heavily reliant on hydration. Without adequate water supply, the body is unable to rehydrate intervertebral discs, causing them to suffer more than normal from normal compression. Dried out discs result in less range of motion and more back pain. 

Forcing your body to operate in a drought

This headline is no hyperbole: when your body is provided with inadequate water supply, it is forced to prioritize. And the spine is not at the top of the list; water is pulled from places like the extremities and the spine and rerouted to the vital organs to keep you functioning. Because the spine is not a priority, any existing deficiency is allocated to the vital organs and there is nothing left for the spine to use for disc rehydration. Remember, this is not thriving! 

Striving to thrive with proper hydration and chiropractic in Milpitas 

Drinking plenty of water is the fastest way to start improving your spinal health. Chiropractic is another way to help embattled spinal discs by alleviating pressure on the nerves and improving spinal alignment. If you are interested in improving your spinal health in support of feeling your best, give our office in Milpitas a call to schedule an appointment today. 

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