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Start Retraining Your Spine Today

Are you training your spine into an unhealthy holding pattern?

The less we pay attention to posture, the more our spine suffers. It’s amazing how much damage is caused by sitting- in fact, it is more than damage. It contributes to a full-on restructuring of our musculoskeletal being-shortening certain muscles, letting others waste away from lack of use; all of this pulls our spine out of alignment and creates systemic tension that takes us down the road toward spinal pain and degeneration. So how do we start retraining our spines out of these horrible holding patterns? The answer starts in your very own home. 

Use a wall to train your spine back from the brink

A wall is a powerful tool for practicing neutral posture. You stand against it in what you think is perfect posture- standing tall with your head facing forward. Now do a double check- your heels, butt and the back of your head should be touching the wall; there should be no exaggerated curvature in the lower spine, instead the small of your back should be just hovering over the wall; your shoulder blades should be touching and your chest should feel open. Rest in this positiong for a couple of minutes, practicing deep breathing and letting the feeling of this neutral posture sink in. 

Retraining your spine in Milpitas

By doing this wall-test once a day, your body and mind are given a consistent reminder of what it feels like to exist in a low-pressure, low-tension position- try to remember this feeling during every activity of the day. And if you want to take the next step down the road toward retraining your spine into a state of balance and health, give our office in Milpitas a call to schedule an appointment today. 

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