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Shoulder Instability in Milpitas


Shoulders are among the most active joints in our bodies

The glenohumeral joint is the ball and socket joint between the scapula and humerus; it is the joint most people are referring to when they say the word, “shoulder.” This particular joint interacts with three other joints to make up the entire shoulder complex and there are a host of muscles, tissues and other ligaments that go into supporting the shoulder, keeping it stable and providing for its range of motion. 

What is shoulder instability?

Shoulder instability is most often the result of structural compromise in the glenohumeral joint; when the fine tuning between joints and muscles fails and the ball separates from the socket, you can definitely argue that there is some instability happening. A partial separation of the ball from the socket is called a subluxation, while a complete unjoining of the joint is called a dislocation. Instability, subluxation and dislocation are all underlying causes for a host of symptoms related to shoulders including pain, dysfunction and limited range of motion. If you feel that something is amiss in your shoulder, it is important to get an assessment to determine the true cause of your dysfunction. Athletes who use their shoulders a lot, including throwing sports or swimming, need to devote extra attention to the health and strength of their shoulders. 

How chiropractic can help people suffering with shoulder pain in Milpitas

Chiropractic treatment for shoulder instability begins with a thorough assessment and medical history to determine the specific cause of your dysfunction. Chiropractic adjustment and mobilization are effective at maintaining spinal alignment and proper nerve signalling to the shoulder region. A conditioning program will then be put in place to strengthen the muscles, tendons and ligaments which create the supportive network around the joint. If you suspect something isn’t quite right with your shoulders, or you have been suffering from instability related pain, give our office in Milpitas a call and let’s start correcting this today.

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