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Say Hello to Your Center of Gravity

It’s a hypothetical point…

…with serious implications for balance, stability and alignment. It is a force to be reckoned with- a force that can improve wellness and prevent injury if you know how to use it. But most people don’t even know where it is, or how to find it. That might be because it’s hypothetical- your center of gravity (COG) is the point at which your body’s combined mass is located. The line of gravity, on its way to the center of the earth, passes through your COG, which is an integral component of your body’s base of support. So the first step to harnessing the power of your COG is finding it- here’s how:

Locating your center of gravity to improve balance and stability

As anyone who has met with us know, we are big fans of knowledge and awareness. We believe that these are the most important tools in your arsenal for spinal health. That being said, let’s learn how to find our center of gravity, which we can then use to maintain better balance and stability: 

  • Place the tip of your index finger directly below your navel. 
  • Your COG is three finger widths or two inches below this point so move your finger accordingly.
  • Keeping your finger there, trace a line around your torso with your other index finger until you reach the corresponding point on your back. 
  • Your COG is the midway point between your two fingers.

The important takeaway from this is that awareness of your COG makes you more stable. The next thing to note is that this point is only true when you are stationary. Any movement of the upper or lower body, as well as the limbs, will change this point. It is important to remember that your COG is fluid- it changes with you. 

Learning more about your body is the best place to start when trying to improve your health naturally. To begin improving balance and posture in support of your spinal health, give our office in Milpitas a call to schedule an appointment today.

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