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Reasons Why You Want to Improve Your Posture

Posture makes for a more comfortable life

When it comes to how you can influence your health on a daily basis, health experts usually iterate the same tenets: diet and exercise! Occasionally sleep makes it on the list, but rarely does posture. From this chiropractor’s perspective, posture is of equal importance to sleep diet and exercise in the daily fight for your well-being. No matter what your job or lifestyle, your spine is being compressed daily; one of the only defenses it has against this omnipresent compression is posture. Posture is a make or break factor in health: with good posture, you protect your spine while feeling and functioning better; with poor posture, you are actually increasing the amount of compression and there is no telling how much damage you are piling on your spine.

The power of a neutral spine

Here are some reasons why we want you to make posture a priority starting today:

  • Neutral posture protects and maintains alignment of the spine.
  • Balances muscles and encourages them to work more effectively 
  • Decreases wear and tear on the joints, bones and tissues of the back 
  • Reduces stress and tension within the ligaments 

All of this makes you a more resilient, less injury-prone human. What’s more, whereas bad posture can undo the good work you put in to protect yourself on a daily basis, good posture is part of a positive cycle that supports the good work you are putting in with diet, exercise and sleep. If you want to improve your posture and start feeling better today, give our office in Milpitas a call to schedule an appointment. 

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