Massage and Pregnancy

It’s hard to think of a reason not to get a massage during pregnancy. The routine pains, stiffening and tension associated with a growing baby and a changing body respond well to the gentle stimulation of massage. If we can relax the mother-to-be’s mind and treat her body, we can effect a more nurturing environment for the body to grow and this can only benefit everyone in the end.

Pregnancy necessarily shifts the woman’s center of gravity forward as the extra weight of the baby increases. As a consequence, the back muscles, especially in the lumbar region, are called upon to compensate and they often become strained in the process. These are some of the normal aches and pains associated with pregnancy: your muscles are working harder in order to maintain a sense of balance. The pelvis also tilts forward, accentuating the lumbar curve and stabilizing muscles in the core can no longer do their job effectively. This leaves the pregnant woman in a precarious position and pain is a logical outcome.

Massage is a great way to combat the pain that comes with these physical changes. By promoting better circulation, all the cells in her body are nourished with oxygen and nutrients. Massage also stimulates lymph circulation, helping to clear the body of toxins and interstitial fluid in the tissues which is associated with edema or swelling. A massage relaxes tense muscles and chiropractic adjustment can help correct spinal imbalance, particularly in the pelvic region to help you stay in a state of good health while your baby grows. 

Lastly, massage relaxes the mother’s mind and helps her get consistently good sleep. Massage can help you achieve true relaxation, despite the hormonal and physical upheaval that is part of the process. Call our office and find out how we can make your pregnancy easier today!

Dr. Gregory Lind, D.C.  

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