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Living Longer and Happier Starts with Core Stability

Core stability contributes to spinal longevity

Your core is so much more than a six-pack of abs. It is an entire network of muscles that stretches from the top to the bottom of your spine, lending support to the vertebrae which are constantly under pressure, keeping you upright, preventing injury, and enabling a full range of motion. But too many people let their core stability fall by the wayside as they remain sedentary for hours each day. The deep-lying muscles in the core are almost always activated and thus they become overly tight while the phasic muscles which lend support and strength to the spine become weak from underuse. The result is a destabilized core which leaves you at risk for injury, spinal degeneration, and back pain. It’s time to pull yourself out of this vicious cycle. 

A game plan for improving core stability

The best way to start is by ensuring your spine is aligned so that all the other good work you will do will build from a solid foundation. The chiropractic adjustment restores the spine to proper alignment, reducing pain and improving range of motion in the process. From here, we focus on stretching the overly tight postural muscles while gently exercising the underused phasic muscles to restore balance to your core. 

Core stability means a longer life

This is no exaggeration. Your spine is the conduit of the nervous system and the framework which keeps you upright. But its lifespan is finite and most likely shorter than your overall lifespan. Maintaining good spinal health keeps you upright and healthy as you approach old age, and it is an important way of preventing injury and dysfunction. If you are interested in improving your spinal health, the core is the best place to start and the time to start is now! We can help- if you are interested in improving core stability to improve spinal health, give our office a call to schedule an appointment today. 

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