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Focus on Strengthening Your Back Muscles

It’s one of the of most important things you can do for your whole life

Strengthening your back muscles supports you in the here and now and goes a long way toward mitigating future discomfort from back pain. At our office in Milpitas, we focus on strengthening the back muscles as a means of supporting the spine, especially the segment in the lower back which is responsible for weight-bearing activities. Focusing on strength here allows you to minimize the toll that compression takes on your spine. 

How to strengthen your back muscles

Our goals are to improve range of motion, reduce the impact of compression on your discs and spinal joints, improve and maintain alignment and support good posture. This makes you resilient to injury and discomfort. We are fans of holistic, gentle and fun strengthening- the kind that keeps you coming back for more. Unless you are a hardcore gym enthusiast, it can be difficult to get excited about exercise. Yoga, tai chi, pilates and water based therapies help many of our patients find the right balance between mental relaxation and physical strengthening. 

Start the conversation today

Give our office a call to start the conversation with a spinal health expert. We can help you design a plan for strengthening that fits perfectly into your existing schedule and lifestyle. We promise you the benefits will be more than worth it. 

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