Easy Tricks to Boost Your Longevity

Living a longer, better life is the goal of many people in today’s health-conscious society. Even though technology and medicine have advanced much, the average life expectancy still lingers around the 70-80 range, which means many of us aren’t exploring the possibilities of optimizing our health.

Follow the tips discussed below to increase your longevity. 

Get Your ZzZs

Make sure you get 7-9 hours of sleep each 24-hour period. Not getting enough sleep means your body isn’t getting the regenerative time it needs to cleanse the body and brain of toxins and charge your mental and physical batteries. 

Eat Clean, While Foods

Shopping along the edges of the grocery store means you’re shopping for veggies, fruits, and clean proteins. Stay away from sugar and processed carbohydrates whenever you can. A prolonged poor diet will certainly decrease your lifespan.

Stress Less

Find a way to let go of resentment. Find a way to quiet your mind and you’ll experience untold health benefits. Meditate daily if you can build that practice. Do yoga. Workout until your body gets tired. Doing all of these things will boost your mental wellness and has been shown to help you live a longer, happier, healthier life.

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