back pain and sleep

Does your Back Pain Prevent you from Sleeping?

Chronic back pain does not mix with sleeping

Chronic pain itself is already creating enough of a drag on your life; when it starts to interfere with your sleep, it’s time to seek relief. People with chronic back pain often don’t sleep well, and people who don’t sleep well often suffer a domino-effect of other health concerns, not the least of which are heightened stress levels. Chronic pain may be an unavoidable part of your life, but you can limit the degree to which it affects the quality and quantity of your sleep. 

Back pain and bedtime

At Family Chiropractic & Natural Health Center, we are musculoskeletal specialists who can help you find relief from the chronic pain that is preventing your sleep. Between chiropractic treatment modalities and lifestyle adjustments, we promise there is a way you can find restful, pain-free sleep again. It begins with determining the true cause of your back pain; this is the single most important part of any formula for sleeping with chronic pain. Once we determine what is causing your pain, we set a course for treatment that involves a number of modalities including chiropractic adjustment, decompression therapy, massage and trigger point release. These modalities stimulate the feel-good response. The majority of our clients feel great upon leaving the office and often report that they have had their best sleep in memory after a visit to the chiropractor. 

Pain relief for sleeping

But we know that the chiropractor’s office simply isn’t enough to completely revolutionize your sleep with chronic pain. It involves lifestyle adjustments, including diet and alcohol management; and more intangible factors such as sleep environment, mattress and pillow type. All of these things are within your power; it is time to stop letting chronic pain wreak havoc with your sleep life. Take back the power of sleeping from your back pain by calling our office to schedule an appointment today.

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