Deep Friction Massage is Powerful, Effective Healing

Deep Friction Massage is Powerful, Effective Healing

Spotlight: deep friction massage for athletes

The most common type of sports injuries involve damage to muscles and connective tissue which are exposed to elevated levels of stress during physical activity. When they are strained or sprained past their breaking point, inflammation, stiffness and pain are likely to set in. These symptoms are a normal part of the injury healing process, as your body seeks to stop you from causing further injury. But depending on the severity of the injury, this process could cost you time on the sideline that you simply can’t afford. At our office in Milpitas CA, we seek to help athletes recover in a fast, effective manner using natural modalities. Deep transverse friction massage is one that shows great effectiveness in sports medicine. 

Deep transverse friction massage: how it works 

The goal is mobility! This is a manual treatment that applies deep, sweeping pressure directly to the affected region. By massaging across the grain, rather than with it, we maximize the mobility of an injured ligament or tendon. Deep transverse friction massage also seeks to: 

  • prevent scar tissue adhesion
  • increase circulation to increase the amount of oxygen and nutrients available to the tissue for healing.

The deep transverse friction massage is just one tool in our arsenal of natural modalities that support your well-being and spinal health. If you are interested in finding out more, give our office in a call to schedule an appointment today. 

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