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Decompression Therapy in the Bay Area

Getting older means taking a more proactive approach to spinal care

Whether you like it or not, once we approach the quarter-life mark, (20-25 years), our spines need help. Gone are the days of resilience where our backs could withstand seemingly any twist, turn, and dip. The reality is that spines begin to stiffen as the constant downward compression of gravity compounds and begins to wreak havoc. It is therefore our responsibility to protect the longevity of our spines by taking decisive action now! Fortunately, your spinal care specialists at Family Chiropractic & Natural Healing Center are well equipped to help you do just that. 

Prevent compression from causing serious problems with spinal elongation

Gravity is an ever present malefactor for our spines. As we get older the compression of gravity causes problems like lower back pain, herniated discs and nerve compression, degenerative disc disease, and contributes to abnormal curvature of the spine. Decompression modalities seek to provide your spine with the opposite sensation: an elongation that seeks to undo the compressive forces of gravity and give your spine a chance to heal. As part of a comprehensive spinal health care regimen, decompression offers profound therapy that restores range of motion and mitigates pain. 

Decompression therapy in the Bay Area

Techniques we use include manual and instrument-assisted traction which seek to gently elongate the part of the spine which is suffering from compression, creating a negative intradiscal pressure and allowing for the rehydration of intervertebral discs. Spinal elongation is just one tool that we can use to help you take control of your spinal health. If you are interested in finding out more, give our office in Milpitas a call to schedule an appointment today. 

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