Why Circulation Counts for Vitality

Why circulation is so important

When your blood is flowing optimally, all the cells in your body are getting the oxygen and nutrients (assuming you have been consuming them!) they need, while they are also able to get rid of the cell waste and toxins that cause cellular dysfunction. Your vital organs, including the brain, are literally fed by your blood. We can put no price on the importance of these inputs for the function of our bodies, allowing our cells to repair and regrow the way they need to keep us healthy and functioning optimally. 

What stops circulation? Stagnation

Poor circulation is often linked with more serious health problems. And here’s a 21st century fact: our stagnant lifestyles are getting in the way of our circulation. By not maintaining adequate levels of fitness, we leave the networks of our blood flow at the mercy of dangerous blockages that interfere with our health and slow our recovery from injury. Furthermore, blockages contribute to the development of blood clots and increase your risk of serious health complications such as heart attacks and strokes. When you work out, your body naturally increases its level of blood flow. When we don’t move, circulation stagnates and the cells in need don’t get their nourishment. While there are many other causes for poor circulation, this is one that is in your control! 

How we improve circulation at Family Chiropractic & Natural Healing Center

Chiropractic focuses on realigning the spine and mobilizing spinal joints so that you can move more with less pain. We use gentle, non-invasive modalities such as deep tissue massage and trigger point therapy to release points of tension and increase blood flow to areas in need. From here, we focus on therapeutic stretching and exercise that will get your blood circulating more effectively. If you are interested in improving your circulation, give our office in Milpitas a call to schedule an appointment today. 

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