Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is a scourge and a national health concern: it is responsible for disabling more people in the United States than cancer or heart disease. And while statistics are alarmingly effective at establishing the scope of the problem, they also divorce us from the human element: people suffering from chronic pain are living degraded lives and they deserve much better! 

Pain is, essentially, the body’s way of letting you know something is wrong through nerve signalling. It generally falls under two categories, acute and chronic, though acute pain can evolve into chronic pain if left alone long enough. And while acute pain can usually be rooted out and vanquished in a matter of weeks or months, chronic pain can exist independent of injury and can persist psychogenically, affecting both the physical and emotional experience of the sufferer. 

At Family Chiropractic & Natural Healing Center, we strive to be a resource for people suffering from chronic pain. Everything we do is in support of you living a better life, and that starts with less pain. Here are some ways we can influence pain management on a daily basis: 

  • Drinking water: stay hydrated sans calories, sodium and caffeine. 
  • Keeping inflammation down: through diet and exercise, it is crucial to limit the amount of inflammation that regularly wracks your body.
  • Regular stretching and strengthening: don’t let your muscles waste away. The less you use them, the more likely they are to cause you stiffness and pain. 
  • Learning posture: if you must sit for hours at a time, you need to be doing it in a way that doesn’t cause excessive harm or pain. 
  • Learning how to breathe again: to capture all the oxygen you need and expel all the CO2 so that every cell in your body can work in unison in support of YOU! 

Come talk to us! Along with the chiropractic treatment we provide, we will help you devise a holistic lifestyle plan that fits seamlessly into your daily routine and keeps you smiling. 

Dr. Gregory Lind, D.C. 

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