Chiropractic Turns 125!

The chiropractic profession is something that’s been around for a long time — and we’re so thankful and excited to be a part of a profession that is celebrating it’s 125th birthday today.

That’s correct, chiropractic treatment has been a viable drug-free option for a variety of maladies and health conditions since 1895, which in when Dr. Daniel David Palmer.

D.D. Palmer was a teacher and grocer who became a magnetic healer. Palmer opened his office of magnetic healing which was located in Davenport, Iowa — as early as 1886. Just nine years after opening his practice, D.D. Palmer gave Harvey Lillard that all-important, world-famous first chiropractic adjustment as of September 18, 1895.

That means chiropractic is a treatment that you can trust and rely on. People have been utilizing its benefits for scores of years. That’s a lot of years.

If you’re considering exploring the benefits of chiropractic treatment for yourself, contact Family Chiropractic and Natural Healing Center to schedule your consultation.

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Gregory Lind

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