Are you Neglecting your Trapezius?

Traps- what are they good for?

Answer: shoulder stability which can mean absolutely everything depending on how you spend the majority of your day. When you sit for hours on end, the trapezius becomes contracted which contributes to that all-too-familiar feeling of stiffness in the upper back and neck. A rather large muscle, the trapezius extends from occipital bone in the neck to the lower thoracic vertebrae, and has implications in shoulder mechanics and stability, overhead movement of the arms, and certain movements in the neck. 

The trapezius is one of the most neglected muscles in the gym

We seek to change this fact. At Greenway Plaza Chiropractic, we see the trapezius as integral to a healthy back. Because of its location, we want to focus on keeping it toned regularly to prevent shoulder pain and stiffness and promote fluid mechanics in the upper back. Furthermore, a strong trapezius makes keeping your shoulders back and your head balanced atop your spine easier- two important pieces of healthy posture. 

We have a plan for stretching and strengthening the trapezius in Houston

If you are interested in taking your trapezius to new heights, give our office a call to schedule an appointment today. We can help you add a plan into your regular routine that will condition the upper, middle and lower trapezius to encourage a healthy alignment of the shoulders and show you some easy stretches that can be done from your desk to keep your shoulders free of stiffness.

Dr. Gregory Lind, D.C. 


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