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A More Comfortable Sleeping Environment

Are you having trouble falling asleep in Milpitas? It may be time to address you sleep environment.

One factor that is often overlooked by people with sleep troubles is the environment. While it would be impossible to put an exact number on the percentage, I would wager that a good amount of sleep success is determined by factors relating to your sleep environment

What exactly is a sleep environment?

A sleep environment takes into account all the factors in your bedroom outside of your body. Things like temperature, light, noise, even the color of your walls can contribute to a sound environment for sleeping or a disruptive one. It is important to take advantage of your sleep environment because these are the factors you can directly control; sleep disorders and genetics are things you have less control over. 

Creating your personal sleep environment

These are strictly confined to ambient factors:

  • Mattress: do you prefer firm or soft? The mattress could be the one place where your money matters most; we can help you make an educated decision about which mattress will help you get the best night’s rest. 
  • Cleanliness of your bedding: sleep hygiene goes a long way; after all, there’s no feeling quite like a fresh set of sheets. 
  • Temperature of the room: you want your room to be slightly cooler, allowing you to get cozy under the covers. 
  • Control of noise: this can go both ways- limit distracting noises, but implement calming ones. Many people find that sleeping with a white noise is a great help.
  • Smells in the air: calming scents such as lavender can help set the tone for sleep 
  • Bedclothes: are you comfortable in pajama pants and a shirt or do you feel they get twisted around you in the night? Sleep in whatever is most comfortable. 

Things to leave out of your room include: screens of all shapes and sizes 

Is pain a contributing factor to your sleep environment?

Allowing pain to linger is a great way to interfere with sleep. If you have a long standing condition that is causing pain in your muscles or back, give our office in Milpitas a call to schedule an appointment today. We are specialists in detecting the true source of your pain and setting a course for rehabilitation that includes chiropractic adjustment and stretching modalities to help you leave pain in the past. 

Dr. Gregory Lind, D.C. 


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