Quick and Easy Guide to Perfect Posture

Sitting with anything less than great posture is bad for your back, neck, spine, and in some cases even your hips and joints. Below, Family Chiropractic and Natural Healing Center provides a quick guide to ensure you’re sitting with correct posture.

1.) Sit with Shoulders Back

Sit with your shoulders aimed back, with your shoulder blades flexing a bit inward instead of sitting with your shoulders hunched forward, which is terrible for your back and your neck.

2.) Both Feet on the Ground

Try to sit square in your chair with both feet evenly on the ground to ensure even weight distribution. You’ll want your knees to rest slightly below your hips.

3.) Sit with Your Back Straight, Looking Straight Ahead

Obviously you’ll want to sit with your back straight and with your head facing straight forward, especially if you sit for long periods in front of a computer screen.

It’s a great practice to switch it up at work, too. Make sure you stand and stretch to get some variety in your day and to give your back, neck, and joints relief from sitting in a single position for long periods of time. You can also invest in accessories for your work area, like footpads and elevating desk converters that your back, neck, feet, and joints will surely thank you for.

If you experience lingering back pain even while practicing perfect posture, contact Family Chiropractic and Natural Healing Center today to schedule your consultation. We’ll get to the bottom of the issue.

How to Prevent Neck Pain

Neck pain can come as the result of an injury or it can come as a result of the actions we perform on a daily basis. Your neck pain might be due to muscle strain, spine misalignment, stress, or even your workplace setup.

Below, Family Chiropractic and Natural Healing Center goes over a few ways to deal with and even prevent neck pain.

Strengthen Your Neck

Your neck contains important muscle groups that need to be exercised and strengthened in order for your neck to be protected and insulated from your daily grind. There are a number of exercises and exercise apparatuses that can help you strengthen your neck. Consult with your local chiropractor for best practices, techniques, and products available.

Stop Skimping on Your Stretch Routine

Stretching is an integral part of your wellness plan. Make sure that you stretch your neck out daily to ensure proper range of motion, mobility, and in order to avoid injury.

Change Your Workplace Setup

If you’re able, convert to an elevating desk so you can switch positions throughout the day. Make sure that your monitor is positioned slightly above eye level to ensure you keep proper posture throughout the day.

Another great way to get rid of your neck pain is to get friendly with your local chiropractor in Milpitas, CA. Contact Family Chiropractic and Natural Healing Center to schedule your consultation today!

Tips on How to Boost Your Workout Recovery

When we work out hard we tend to feel it the next day, whether it’s muscle soreness or stiffness. We might even feel the pains of an injury from engaging in improper lifting technique, or even from tripping on a raised piece of concrete as we’re running in the bustling city streets.  

It’s important to work out intelligently, but it’s also crucial to recover intelligently as well. Below are a few tips to boost workout recovery, so you can get back to your routine.

Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated helps your body function properly and keeps you from getting dehydrated, which can result in cramps, headaches, and more. Failing to properly hydrate yourself post-workout also disrupts protein synthesis involved in rebuilding your muscles, which can be slowed down significantly and subsequently delay recovery time.

Do Yoga

Yoga is a great way to decompress and unwind after a workout. It’s great for your entire body, including your back, neck, spine, and joints — all of which take a beating during a workout.

Eat Healthily

Eating healthy foods and limiting yourself from indulging in junk food and soda will help ensure your workout recovery is speedy and efficient. 

Another great way to boost your workout recovery is to visit your local chiropractor. Contact Family Chiropractic and Natural Healing Center to schedule your consultation today!

3 Easy Back-to-School Hacks for Your Child

Going back to school can be stressful business, but the scenario always goes off better when you and your child know what to expect and go in prepared. Below are a few easy, breezy lifehacks that will help you and your child make sure that the back-to-school adjustment goes off without a hitch.

Plan All the Meals

Try to plan out breakfast, lunch, and dinner and make sure to incorporate clean, whole foods anywhere you can. Avoid processed foods that require your body to spend a considerable amount of energy in order to digest. We are what we eat, so eating plenty of veggies and clean protein will bring out the best in your little one.

Limit Screen Time

Encouraging your child to spend a little more time being active and outdoors never hurt anyone. More and more studies are showing that spending massive amounts of time in front of the computer and TV can be harmful to your health in multiple ways.

Start Healthy Habits Now

Early to bed and early to rise makes kids healthy, wealthy, and wise and such. Think of this time as an opportunity to lay a solid foundation for your child. Get them practicing esteemable behavior with a little discipline and some positive reinforcement along the way. You got this!

Chiropractic treatments are another great way to get the best out of your child. We’re not over here simply to help people get over back injury — we do a lot to keep our patients of all ages healthy and in the game for the long haul at Family Chiropractic and Natural Healing Center. Give us a call today to schedule you and your child’s initial consultation.