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The Most Effective Way for Athletes to Train

Training your body the right way

The body is a reflexive organism: it develops enough muscle to perform the tasks it is regularly called upon to perform. You are training every day to achieve feats of physical strength and activity that go beyond the normal biomechanics of human bodies; at Family Chiropractic & Natural Healing Center, we specialize in supporting these endeavors. The ironic reality of strengthening and specializing the body is that these exertions cause injury: straining tissues to make them stronger and introducing your body to unfamiliar movements that ask more of the muscles. Chiropractic care is being sought after more and more for treatment before and after physical performance.

Keeping sports injuries at bay

The three main benefits of chiropractic care for athletes are prevention and rehabilitation of injury, and optimization of the athlete’s biomechanics. The forces inflicted on the body during high-impact sports such as rugby and football are akin to trauma sustained during an automobile collision. Regular chiropractic adjustments keep the spine in alignment through the blows, helping you perform better and heal quicker. Lower impact sports such as golf and tennis expose the body to torsion that goes beyond what a normal spine is used to. Adjustments help mitigate the strain that is sustained during these movements.

Flexibility is one of the most crucial components to many sports: if your body can’t bend without breaking, you are vulnerable to injury.

Chiropractic adjustment is integral in supporting range of movement and movement free of pain. If you are an athlete looking to incorporate chiropractic treatment into your athletic regimen in Milpitas, give our office a call to schedule an appointment today. 

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