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The Best Sleep Position for Pregnancy

Sleeping well is a key element of a successful pregnancy 

When it comes to sleeping during pregnancy, not all positions are created equal. To begin with, your natural sleeping position may no longer feel quite right- many women find that getting comfortable enough to fall asleep is a new challenge. A growing abdomen, back pain, restricted breathing and even heartburn are all common reasons that make it hard to fall asleep during pregnancy; indeed, insomnia is considered a side-effect of the pregnancy process. The truth is, that the position you choose to sleep in can then compound these problems and make it even more difficult to sleep. So what should you do? 

Sleep positions for pregnancy 

Sleeping on your stomach is impractical during pregnancy, and it may become impossible as your belly grows bigger. On your back is bad because your (much heavier) abdomen is resting on top of your intestines and blood vessels.

  • It restricts circulation for both you and the fetus
  • It contributes to backaches
  • Causes low blood pressure
  • Interferes with digestion and breathing 

Experts agree that pregnant women should try their hardest to SOS: sleep on their side, particularly the left side. Sleeping in a loose fetal position (not to tightly coiled) improves circulation throughout the body, including to the fetus. It prevents your uterus from pressing on your liver which can cause a lot of discomfort. Make sure that you sleep with a straight neck, and use a pillow between your legs for additional comfort. 

A more comfortable pregnancy in Milpitas

At Family Chiropractic & Natural Healing Center, we want to help you feel more comfortable so you can sleep better. Feeling comfortable and relaxed before bed is a culmination of an entire day’s worth of activities, so it is important that you eat well, exercise and stretch regularly, and maintain a low-stress level. We are pregnancy chiropractic experts with dedicated tables to accomodate pregnancies of all shapes and sizes. Spinal adjustments during pregnancy are much gentler and focus on establishing stability at the base of the spine. We also offer pregnancy-specific massage services to ease the tension that accumulates in the supportive tissues surrounding your spine. No matter what phase of your pregnancy you are in, you can benefit from the safe, effective care that chiropractic offers. Give us a call to schedule an appointment today. 

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