Staying Flexible

Staying flexible with age is far from easy. Growing up, we are constantly told that “you don’t heal as fast when you’re older,” or “you can’t move like that when you’re older.” Nonetheless, as kids, we continue to take our range of motion and flexibility for granted. However, as we get older, those seemingly harmless tasks such as getting out of bed or tying shoelaces can become problematic and painful. 

Flexibility and injury exist in a vicious cycle: while injury causes us to move less, limiting flexibility, the fact that we are less flexible simultaneously leaves us more vulnerable to injury. At Family Chiropractic & Natural Healing Center, we would like to help you improve your overall flexibility and range of motion. We achieve this through spinal adjustment: realigning the spine and balancing the muscles in the back immediately improve your range of motion and specific recommendations for exercise can improve core stability and flexibility.

The lasting benefits of being more flexible include:

  1. Better posture
  2. Lengthened muscles and connective tissues, giving you a longer leaner look
  3. Prevention of injury
  4. Improved physical performance
  5. Confidence that basic movement will not create pain

Call our office in Fremont today to start making simple changes that will keep you flexible and ensure your range of motion throughout your life. 

Dr. Gregory Lind, D.C. 

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