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Spinal Elongation is Feel Good Therapy

Positions that put your spine under pressure

No surprises here; some of the most common positions we assume are the ones which put our spines under the most pressure. These positions include: 

  • Forward head posture 
  • Slouching
  • Slumping

These are positions that contribute to the premature degradation of spines, and the age of onset for such degradation is shifting to an earlier demographic thanks to the use of mobile devices. Problems associated with these postures include:

  • Narrowing of spinal discs
  • Exaggerated curvature
  • Increased compression of the spine
  • Herniated discs
  • Facet joint syndrome

As an office of chiropractic, our job is to reverse the harmful effects of this compression. One of our best modalities for doing this is spinal elongation. 

Spinal elongation feels good but it treats your body even better

Spinal elongation helps to remove you from the cycle of compression that wracks our bodies throughout the day. It opens up space between the vertebrae, allowing for the rehydration of intervertebral discs and the retraction of bulging disc material. Our modalities for providing the spine with decompression include:

  • Manual traction
  • Instrument-assisted traction
  • Inversion 
  • Chiropractic adjustment

Following up, we increase the efficacy of decompression therapy by using natural techniques to restore range of motion and improve circulation. 

Spinal elongation is proven pain relief

The truth is we are at the mercy of compression. Conservative care modalities, of the kind we use in our office, are effective because they provide a multi-faceted approach for reversing compression. If you are interested in using chiropractic to reverse or prevent the damage of compression, give our office in Milpitas a call to schedule an appointment today. 

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