sitting in motion

Sitting in Motion

When it comes to your spine, motion is health-giving

Lack of movement is one of the most common causes for missed work, early retirement and disability. It is a factor that often goes under the radar and accumulates over years of inactivity until it becomes a large problem. As an office of chiropractic, we can confidently say that lack of movement is responsible for many of the complaints we treat on a regular basis. We always say that while there is no silver bullet for solving back pain, there are things you can do to prevent it from happening in the first place. One of the most important of these factors is movement. If you are someone whose job requires them to sit for hours in front of a computer screen, sitting in motion is a good idea! 

Sitting in motion

You have probably heard of the idea of sitting on a fitness ball while working in front of the computer. Other products such as spring-loaded stools mimic the same idea in a more sturdy design. But the ideology behind these products in a workplace setting is sound: keeping you moving, even when you are forced to sit. Office chairs, especially the average ones provided in many workplaces, are conducive to poor posture. No matter who you are, 1 consecutive hour of perfect posture is very difficult in a standard chair. Fitness balls and stools seek to change this proposition: in order to maintain balance and stability, you have to engage your core muscles which automatically makes you sit more upright. It’s a big win for office workers: a low-key toning exercise for the core muscles which helps to maintain upright posture. 

The only drawback is that you should not sit on a fitness ball for more than 30 minutes without a break to stand. But this is discipline in itself- while you may be swamped by work, your body will yearn for a break to go get a drink of water before sitting down for another 30 minute spree. Sitting in motion is a part of a chiropractic lifestyle, the kind of life that empowers your body to feel great through natural means. If you are interested in adding more movement into your life to support the health of your back, give our office a call to schedule an appointment today. 

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