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Setting a Course for an Old Age of Independence

Age is inevitable, pain is not! 

Aging is linked with aching because as cartilage wears away, ligaments and tendons stiffen, and structures such as vertebrae degrade, the natural result is pain. In order to stay feeling young, we need to start (as early as possible) conditioning our bodies to meet the challenges of old age head on. 

What can you do to get ready now and prevent pain in old age

At our office in Milpitas, we focus on conditioning the body in three ways: to maintain flexibility and thus range of motion, to hold a high standard of cardiovascular endurance and to maintain strength in the areas that matter. As with all things holistic, equal time should be devoted to each part of the trio. Mobility and posture are two ways that can determine our level of independence as we grow old.

At Family Chiropractic & Natural Health Center, we want to help you stay ahead of pain.

Whether you are a lifelong fitness devotee or someone who is feeling the first aches of age, we can help you put together a plan that will mitigate the pain of old age. Strength training is a great way to relieve pain in the joints, especially those of the lower back which have spent their lives supporting the weight of the upper body. It’s time to start listening to your body- call our office to schedule an appointment and let’s start fighting the onset of aging together today!

Dr. Gregory Lind, D.C. 

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