Quicks Tips to Improve Lifting Technique

One of the silent predators in and out of the workplace is improper lifting technique, which can, after repeat offenses, take a serious toll on your back.

Since back injuries are a common reason many people end up calling in to work, we thought it would be worthwhile to go over some of the hallmarks of textbook proper lifting technique as a way to help our patients and readership avoid injuries that can keep them away from work and play, hurting our paychecks and our well-being.

Lift with Your Legs

Instead of bending over to grab and lift objects, make sure that you perform a squat and rise up with your legs, keeping the pressure off your back and spine.

Grab a Friend

Don’t be a hero, whether you’re at work or home, because you might end up being sorry and looking foolish. Instead, grab a friend, partner or coworker to help you lift a heavy object. Show your friend proper lifting technique to help them avoid injury, too.

Keep a Sizeable (Wide) Base

Keep your feet shoulder-width apart from each other with one foot slightly ahead of the other to establish a strong base to work from.

Remember to also keep whatever your lifting and carrying close to your body to reduce undue strain on your back. If you have any additional questions about how to demonstrate proper lifting technique or if you yourself experience a back injury due to improper lifting technique, please contact Family Chiropractic and Natural Healing Center today to schedule your consultation.

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